The Dhamma Room

The Dhamma Room

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Himalayan Singing Bowl Night

Sunday Singing Bowl Event - $25
Spend your evening falling into a deep state of relaxation with the healing frequencies of Himalayan singing bowls led by practitioner, Stephanie Woods. Stephanie is a 3x certified practitioner having studied at 9Ways Academia in Pennsylvania. Join her as she welcomes you into a dream state in an experience she describes as having a “transformative you emerge from a session feeling as if you’ve just had a restful night’s sleep”. The benefits of a session include; decreasing stress, relieving pain and can vanish headaches. The frequencies balance the body, creating an overall sense of well-being. The evening will consist of a 60 minute singing bowl session with time given at the end to gently wake up followed with a Q&A session with Stephanie for anyone interested in discussing their experiences

New Client

60 min - $64
90 min - $92


60 Minute Thai Massage - $80
90 Minute Thai Massage - $115
120 Minute Thai Massage - $140
Pre-Natal Massage - $85

Bundle Packages

Bundle ONE - $288
FIVE 60 minute massages
Bundle TWO - $414
FIVE 90 MINUTE massages

Infant Massage

Infant Massage- one-on-one - $45
Learn in the comfort of a one-on-one private session the soothing infant Thai massage techniques to calm and sooth baby. Great for improving sleep and colicky babies!
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