The Dhamma Room

The Dhamma Room

By appointment only. Please schedule your appointment online or contact me directly.

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New Client

60 min - $64
90 min - $92


60 Minute Thai Massage - $80
90 Minute Thai Massage - $115
120 Minute Thai Massage - $140
Pre-Natal Massage - $85

Mini Thai Tool Session

Mini Thai Tool Session - $45
These mini 30 minute sessions are ideal for specific work using Thai therapies. A quick fix using some of my favorite tools! Each 30 minute session includes hot herbal compresses, cupping, scraping or tok sen. One per customer

Bundle Packages

Bundle ONE - $288
FIVE 60 minute massages
Bundle TWO - $414
FIVE 90 MINUTE massages

Infant Massage

Infant Massage- one-on-one - $45
Learn in the comfort of a one-on-one private session the soothing infant Thai massage techniques to calm and sooth baby. Great for improving sleep and colicky babies!
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